qc poster 2015

Race Day Info

$15 Pit pass

$45 Adult class entry

$35 Second adult class

$20 Kid class entry

 Heat starting position determined by sign in. Sign in for your class first and your on the pole.


5 thoughts on “HOME

  1. dlyons@ecologyfund.net

    Vary coll video. I race motocross at ACP, and I love that. But I have to admitt this slideways action of the flat tract looks too fun. I would really like to try it. Who knows, it may improve my skills on the MX track.

    None the less, props to all you guys.

    D Lyons
    CRF 250 #67

    1. joshadams6@msn.com Post author

      You should come out the next race is July 12. Their is a knobby tire class.

  2. will

    Visited Flat track racing last weekend (June 13th, 2015) and have to admit My family and myself enjoyed it. Even contemplating putting my son in a race with a little 90 or 50. Was definitely fun to watch for the whole family. We will be back in two weeks to watch again.


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